Thanks, Bill, for your grounded advice, esp. about things most of us don't want to face. Wanted to let you know that in January I finally completed my living will/Advanced Care Directive and gave it to me primary doctor. She was very happy to receive it!

Hannah W.


Thanks again, Bill, for being Our Agent these past years. We appreciate your support and help over the years. Anne K I ordered the Eliquis online at The Canadian Pharmacy Store, I could only order three months at a time, but the cost was $100.99. Not bad compared to what it could have been with my drug plan (over $100 a month!). I am so glad I called you and got the information.

Pat G.


Thank you! You are the best! I referred a friend to you last week.

Pam S.


Wow! So thoughtful of you to share this. We sure love lamb! Thank you for all the help you gave us. (Sometimes I share recipes with clients)

Pat N.


Hi Bill - Just wanted to let you know I followed your advice and brought a personal note with a copy of my invoice to the doctor. I just received a phone call letting me know that they switched the coding to just preventive and that I don’t need to pay the $50 copay for quest diagnostic. Should I do receive another bill they asked me to contact them again. YAY!! THANKS so much for all your “coaching” and advice to navigate this insane world called insurance companies.

Tom R.


Thank you for your expertise and willingness to share it.

Rod W.


It is nice to work with a real Pro!! Our personal doctor sent out a short video (which he does periodically) saying about the same as what you said in your recent email on Medicare Plans.

Bob F.


After retiring and losing coverage through my job; my husband and I needed Medicare Supplement coverage. Bill contacted us and explained the companies offered in Oklahoma and the premiums for each plan. Assuring us the companies offered the same plans with premium amounts being the main difference. He also found a Dental /Vision/Hearing plan a month later so I would continue those lost benefits. Thanks so much for your attention to our needs.

Rebecca M.


I appreciate that Bill helps clarify the different aspects of Medicare and supplemental policies available. He is available to answer question in a timely manner.

Judy L.


Thanks for researching and recommendations for our Medicare supplemental insurance. My husband and I are both very pleased with the company and benefits we have now. Claims are easily submitted by our providers and we get detailed payment information in a timely manner. I have given your contact information to many of my friends who are retiring or already retired. Keep on helping others, we really appreciate your expertise!

Sandi S.


I appreciate your low pressure presentation of your services, which are always intelligent; informed; useful and valid. Keeping me informed of important changes in the insurance world as it comes to light is also a great service you provide. I have no complaints at all.

Gary S.


We always appreciate your keeping in touch with us. You have been so helpful to find the right coverage at every stage of our needs. Even supplemental coverage to go with our Medicare. I will continue to refer friends to you.

Pam S.


You have done a great job keeping our supplemental insurance costs at reasonable rates. Thank you.

Jim G.


Your advice have been extremely valuable. We have always tried to be up-to-date on the options we have for insurance coverage, but your diligence and advice has shown that your close proximity with the insurance industry and all the coverage available, has been invaluable for not only saving us money, but providing better coverage.

Charles E.


Your timing is perfect with the info about dental insurance. --- will likely retire in June, and we will lose our dental that he has with the school district. We are more than happy to send people your way. We do have siblings that are very close, so we will pass on your contact information.

Susan H.


You are simply AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for your explanation and action to get my money back and make me understand. That is the reason I am recommending you to my friends. Thanks for all your help.

Isabella R.